Personalization and Optimisation Software for Betting and Gaming

Graphyte personalization platform

Make Betting Personal

Algorithmic personalization for Betting and Gaming - transform every
player's experience
Transforming player engagement: Graphyte acquired by Optimove


Transforming player engagement: Graphyte acquired by Optimove

The leading AI-based content personalization and CRM Marketing platforms join forces to produce the most impactful player engagement solution in the iGaming market.

Intelligent Layouts

The only smart lobby platform in the industry

Intelligent Layouts is the only solution in the industry to deliver a completely unique site experience for each of your users


AI-led recommendation engine trusted by the world's biggest operators

Graphyte Recommend is the only recommendation engine developed
specifically for the Betting and Gaming industry
Discover what personalization can do for your customers

Discover what personalization can do for your customers

Sports Recommendations

Stimulate additional bets across pre-event and in-play

Gaming Recommendations

Limitless growth from discovery of new games

Full-Site Personalization

Deliver a completely unique site for every player

Real-time Messaging

Keep your customers at the heart of the action


Our technology supports personalised experiences across some of
the biggest brands in the Betting and Gaming industry:

“Graphyte Recommend has enabled us to add true personalization to the 32Red home page, serving up timely and relevant games to all of our customers”

Russell Clarke
Product Owner
Russell Clarke

“It’s easy to run a test and look at the analytics, tweaking different aspects until significant uplifts in KPIs are seen. Other personalization platforms don’t have the same flexibility.”

Maria Grigorova
Optimisation Manager, GVC Gaming Brands
Maria Grigorova
Benefits and ROI

Benefits and ROI

Experience the benefits of targeted personalisation via
immediate, tangible uplifts in key metrics:

> 11%

Increase in top-line

> 48%

In cross sell NGR
per player

> 65%

Increase in clickthrough