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Harness the power of AI-led recommendations

Serve limitless recommendations in any channel with Graphyte Recommend

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Serve limitless recommendations to your customers in real time

graphyte Recommend is the only solution on the market to support recommendations for sports betting. Our intelligent recommender platform comes with over 50 out of the box algorithms built specifically for betting and gaming.

And since Recommend is built on top of a lightning-fast RESTful API, you can deploy AI-recommendations on any channel - from mobile and responsive pages to push and social via DMP.

Beyond Trending

Surface trending and popular bets, events, markets and gaming products through the same real time API and embed our powerful backoffice reports into your marketing operations to drive event-driven CRM

graphyte's trending API is completely flexible - you can deploy at the total level, filter by sport, event, market and even gaming - all at sub 300ms latency speeds

121 Experiences for every customer

graphyte's AI-led Personalise engine can take your customers directly to the content they want to see, from bets and games to offers, promotions and sport or games-specific pages

Allied to a feature-rich back office and natively connected graphyte's Recommendation platform delivers the total targeted content solution for betting and gaming operators

Embrace the future with our chat engine

graphyte Converse is a full-featured chat and voice engine that enables you to create dynamic, immersive and engaging betting experiences for your customers

Converse read, interprets and responds to what your customers say or type, and responds with betting opportunities, results, recommendations and trends direct from the graphyte Recommend API