How Gala Bingo drove a 35% turnover uplift with Graphyte’s hyper-personalisation platform
How Gala Bingo drove a 35% turnover uplift with Graphyte’s hyper-personalisation platform

How Gala Bingo drove a 35% turnover uplift with Graphyte’s hyper-personalisation platform

Hyper-personalisation across Gala Bingo’s channels allows users to see the games they want to play, improving player engagement and retention, boosting KPIs.

The challenge

Online bingo and casino sites are visited by a diverse range of people and Gala Bingo, a leading online bingo operator, hosts hundreds of different games. How does Gala Bingo ensure each of their users can easily find the content they enjoy without the need to endlessly scroll? Graphyte’s hyper-personalisation software – industry-specific and the first of its kind – was the solution.

The solution

Personalisation is the key enabler in optimizing the user experience. Hyper-personalisation software like Graphyte’s Recommend and Intelligent Layouts platforms have allowed Gala Bingo to present the right content to the right user at the right time. By constantly ingesting player behaviours, which are run through a suite of AI algorithms in real-time, the software identifies content that each user will enjoy and presents it at the right moment. This enhances the user experience, making each site visit unique and more enjoyable. Naturally, this drives users back to the site, which has significantly  improved the customer experience and boosted customer retention rates

Maria Grigorova, Gala Bingo’s Customer Journey Optimisation Manager, says one of her favourite features is that the interface allows full control over how recommendations are made. This is possible as the software is delivered as a SaaS platform, enabling the team at Gala Bingo are able to fully personalise all touchpoints themselves without the need to make any changes to the core CMS. New recommendation ideas can therefore be rapidly tested and deployed. “It’s easy to run a test and look at the analytics, tweaking different aspects until significant uplifts in KPIs are seen. Other personalisation platforms don’t have the same flexibility.” It also means that Gala Bingo can offer specific, targeted recommendations and layouts.

All of this happens at low latency – a prerequisite for Gala Bingo, which receives large volumes of site traffic daily – guaranteeing a seamless experience for the customer.

The result is a truly unique bingo and slots lobby for each and every user, where everything the user sees is based on their previous engagement with the site. And hyper-personalisation doesn’t stop at the homepage. Gala have deployed personalisation features across multiple channels, including pop-ups and emails, meaning that appealing to customers doesn’t end when their session is over. By providing intelligent recommendations to players through emails, Gala increased site visits by 300% when compared to site visits from static emails. Plus, Graphyte’s machine learning capabilities means that it can intelligently decide when to send specific emails and pop-ups based on the user’s individual preferences and behaviours, ensuring that each encounter with the Gala Bingo’s content makes a positive impact.

“It’s easy to run a test and look at the analytics, tweaking different aspects until significant uplifts in KPIs are seen. Other personalization platforms don’t have the same flexibility.”

Maria Grigorova
Optimisation Manager, GVC Gaming Brands
Maria Grigorova
Every portlet can be reordered and reshuffled to put the customer’s favourite content first


By presenting users with the content they want to see, and removing content they don’t want to see  users spend time on the right content for them. This makes each session more enjoyable

The benefits of Graphyte’s personalisation platforms are clear in Gala’s KPI uplifts. Since implementing these features, Gala Bingo has seen an increase in value from players. The recommendation engine provides users unlimited volumes of recommendations across every vertical. And by targeting relevant, newly launched games to specific users based on their preferences, Gala Bingo has seen a 7% conversion uplift for their new games, which previously weren’t gaining as much traction.

As a result of intensive personalisation, Gala Bingo have become less dependent on generic offers and bonuses to drive traffic to the site. At its core, personalisation improves the product, so customers  spend less time searching. Players feel valued by building a relationship with the operator’s brand, resulting in increased customer loyalty.


5.6% uplift in RPV
7.3% uplift in conversion rate
9.8% click-through rate


As online bingo and casino operators find themselves in an increasingly competitive market, personalisation has given Gala Bingo a powerful advantage over other operators. By providing a bespoke service to each customer, a fully dynamic experience is delivered, which is the key to stand out from other operators.

The Gala Bingo team are excited to continue their partnership with Graphyte, exploring new opportunities for personalisation. Together, they’re working to enable a fully customisable lobby, meaning the user can choose how they want to be recommended content, for example by seeing what players similar to them like to play, or filtering by price per scheme. They’re also working on a feature that monitors users’ stylistic preferences, so that game thumbnails can be altered to appeal to each individual player.

Graphyte’s personalisation capabilities for Gala Bingo have proved limitless. The Gala and Foxy Bingo portfolio have broken new ground in the industry by utilising the capabilities of hyper-personalisation that other industries, like retail and streaming services, have been leveraging for many years. With low baseline costs, Graphyte’s Recommend engine and Intelligent Layouts have allowed Gala Bingo to increase conversion rates, all with minimal operational maintenance and the option to tune multiple elements as it runs.

“They make my life easier, they help me to deliver really cool tests and projects and they’re super pleasant people to work with.”