About Us

Our Mission

Make every digital Betting and Gaming experience personal

Graphyte was built to fill the glaring gap in the SaaS market place for a truly scalable Personalisation Engine to serve the Betting and Gaming industry. After years of frustration with the limited, slow-to-update and non-specific products of traditional vendors, we decided to bring our years of Betting and Gaming industry experience to the party.

The Graphyte Team

Damien Evans

Rob Davis

Oleg Chekan
Development Lead

Elana Yentis
Customer Success Manager

Nick Windridge
Machine Learning Engineer

Adam Mahmoudi
Data Scientist

Agnieska Pascek
Data Scientist

Ivan Adji-Krstev
Software Engineer

Andriy Semenyuk
Software Engineer

Piotr Ochojski
Automation QA

Vladimir Oliveros
Customer Success Manager

Vladimir Jovanovikj
Software Engineer

Christiana Petane
Customer Insight Analysis

Petar Projchevski
Software Engineer

Karishma Prasad
Data Scientist