Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is graphyte difficult to integrate?

No, graphyte is built to offer barrierless integration. We integrate out-of-the-box with most industry back-end platforms and our flexible architecture means adding a new source system is a piece of cake.

2. Do I have to add code to my site?

graphyte can operate with or without browser events being sent to the engine. We are able to work directly off a back end feed, however adding on site events enriches the accuracy of the predictions and allows us to understand customer context and page-related behaviour in much more details.

3. Is graphyte fast enough to operate in real time?

graphyte RESTful API returns targetted recommendations including live price and CMS content in less than 300ms end to end. Meaning no flicker or refresh impact

4. How can graphyte manage dynamic inventories from sports betting sites when they change so much

This is where graphyte really stands out from the crowd with our class-leading inventory management solution – we ingest and host your entire inventory, managing updates in real time to ensure no stale bets are shown and every recommendation is 100% targeted

5. Do you support multiple brands?

Yes, in an age of operator consolidation graphyte has been natively architected to accommodate multiple brands. Meaning you can identify cross-brand customers, learn from their behaviours on all brands to drive multi-brand marketing, intelligence and cross sell

6. Is it just a recommendation platform?

graphyte is much, much more than recommendations. Alongside core AI-led targeted product recommendations, we offer the complete solution to trending and popular bets, all within the same API construct, as well as a powerful back office with the smartest sports and gaming product forecasting suite available today.

7. How long does it take to switch on?

Integration is very fast with very little effort and virtually no development required by operators (unlike competitors). It can be as simple as authenticating the graphyte account to connect to your back end and a small bit of configuration so we know how you manage your deployment channels.

8. What about tuning models?

We have built a very agile tuning process for the core AI-led models that drive the graphyte recommend stack. This is integral part of the integration process and essential to surface the right recommendations. This process takes a maximum of two weeks to conclude, depending on the visitor volume to your site

9. Can we upload historic data to speed up the tuning process?

Yes! Absolutely this is the quickest way to train and tune and will cut the integration time by up to half.

10. Can we add our own proprietary segments into graphyte?

Yes! We love ingesting custom data and we can integrate this into the core analytics and / or use it to drive custom algorithms

11. How can we report on performance of recommendations or channels?

graphyte comes with full-featured back-office with dynamic, filterable analytics for all users. Recommend comes with a dedicated attribution suite tracking across users, impressions, channels, conversions and ROI

12. How do we show recommendations to our customers?

Make a simple call to our API, telling graphyte which user it is and which channel – and we do the rest. You can specify the type of recommendation you want, down to a very specific level, or let graphyte do all the thinking. 

13. How does graphyte know when a recommendation has been converted?

Since we consume every bet and spin, any game or bet tagged as being recommended will be seen tracked end to end through graphyte

14. What channels does graphyte work with?

Literally any deployment channel that can call an API. We have out-of-the-box accomodation for desktop, mobile, DMP, push, sms, email and retail, but there are no limits and operators can configure new channels in our back office. No dev required.