Graphyte launches Smart Search AI-powered search engine

Graphyte launches Smart Search AI-powered search engine

Jul 5, 2021

Plug-and-play AI-powered search engine bespoke to betting and gaming

London, 5th July 2021

Graphyte, the real-time personalisation engine for the betting and gaming industry, today launched Graphyte Smart Search, bringing to the market the first AI-powered search engine built for betting and gaming.

With Smart Search, operators can deploy a dedicated, full-featured search engine capability to all of their sports betting and casino sites and channels – enabling customers to directly search for bets and games with pinpoint accuracy.

Graphyte Smart Search’s proprietary indexing and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tech generates lightning-fast results from massive sports betting and casino inventories, returning results from 500,000 plus selections in under 10 milliseconds. 

All inventories are kept fully up-to-date in real-time, powered from a light-touch integration that can be configured and deployed inside of a week.

Damien Evans, Graphyte CEO, explains “An effective search engine should be seen as standard for any digitally-focused operator, regardless of industry.  It’s the quickest and most cost-effective way to add double-digit growth to retention rates and adds a dramatic improvement to user experience.

Whilst many operators continue to offer a sub-standard search experience, often without having a search function available at all for their customers, causing continued frustration to operator and customer alike. 

So we decided to build Smart Search, our AI-powered search engine built exclusively for sports and gaming operators. It is truly plug-and-play, with a typical set up taking under a week to have a full-featured search engine available on site. 

Performance is exceptional, with 10ms response times and the type of search features that can only come from a product developed with strong operator input into the design. Naturally, we’re super-excited about bringing this to the market, closing a major pain-point for so many operators with such a simple integration and so many compelling features, at a price-point that makes it a no-brainer”

Graphyte Smart Search includes as standard:

  • Real-time inventory search results for all available pre-event and in-play sports events
  • Direct to betslip and game-launch CTAs from all results
  • Search results for individual games, features, themes, suppliers and custom lists of terms
  • Automatic correction of spelling mistakes and typos alongside predictive completion
  • Ultra-low latency search results that return as customers type
  • Search results across the full betting hierarchy, from sport to selection level
  • Support for team aliases (Spurs, Man U etc) across all major global teams and sports
  • Direct to betslip and game-launch CTAs from all results
  • Account-related search results included for payments, promotions and bonuses

Smart Search supports all languages, allows for custom search terms and rules for all operators and verticals, and can be integrated and deployed inside of a week.

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