Graphyte wins big at the EGR B2B Awards!

Graphyte wins big at the EGR B2B Awards!

Jul 23, 2020

EGR B2B “Software Rising Star” Award

Graphyte was founded in 2018 by Damien Evans (former Director of Analytics at Ladbrokes) and Rob Davis (former CTO of Ladbrokes Coral).

During their time working together they faced challenges when trying to seek technology that offered a different approach to customer experience for gaming players through personalisation. There was no doubt that a gap in the market needed to be filled. Rob and Damien teamed up to begin the makings of a technology that offered complexity, scale and nuance needed within Gaming and Betting. Enter Graphyte!

A mission was immediately put in place to create the technology to change the one-size-fits-all model so prevalent in Betting and Gaming, to an improved one-size-fits-all model that offers customer experience and personalisation that has only ever previously been seen in other sectors like e-Commerce.

It is our absolute pleasure to announce that after 2 years of complete and utter dedication from  the amazing Graphyte team we are absolutely thrilled and honoured to have won EGR’s B2B  “Software Rising Star” Award, recognising our efforts in bringing true personalisation to the Betting and Gaming world. We are consistently working to create a more improved product for not only our clients, but for the gaming players too and we look forward to seeing you along the journey in creating even more AI-mazing technology for the industry!

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