Personalised Content in Bingo: Interview with Bingo Life

Personalised Content in Bingo: Interview with Bingo Life

Mar 1, 2020

Our CEO and co-founder, Damien Evans, spoke to Bingo Life about how Graphyte is driving personalisation within the Bingo sector. Read more at Bingo Life.

Could we commence this interview with a brief history of Graphyte, when it was founded, and the principals behind how it came to be created?

We founded Graphyte back in April 2018 when my co-founder Rob (Davis, ex-CTO Ladbrokes Coral) and I left Ladbrokes Coral after working closely together for many years. Throughout our time at Ladbrokes we’d been working to find ways to differentiate the customer experience for gaming players through personalisation. We’d managed to get some more simple features live, like making product recommendations to users based on their profiles, and seen strong uplifts in turnover and GGR. The challenge came when we tried to buy-in technology to deliver personalisation across every product and channel, nothing in the market even came close to fitting the complexity, scale and nuanced needs of a high-volume gaming site so we decided to fill the gap ourselves, and Graphyte was born.

Am I correct in describing the tailored gaming choices Graphyte provides its clients as a personalisation-based algorithm that learns from the players game choices and provides them recommendations, rather like Netflix?

Our first product, Recommend, does exactly that using a farm of algorithms to inject personalised product and content recommendations from the full spectrum of gaming verticals, including bingo, casino, slot, sports and lotto. These product recommendations can be pushed to any channel a brand is operating, ranging from mobile web and app sites, to e-mail and other below-the-line CRM channels, right the way through to physical terminals in bricks-and-mortar shops and casinos.

Can you explain to readers its key features and why it’s been so successful?

The biggest factor, without a doubt, is that every component of Graphyte has been built with gaming operations and marketing in mind. That means that every piece of functionality, every algorithm, is completely specific to the needs of a gaming operator and to serve the needs of the gaming player. This laser focus on the industry is what amazes clients and prospects when they see it for the first time. A solution that can personalise any vertical, on any channel, that the operators control – Graphyte is effectively a two year roadmap in a box.

Further to this, the scale of our Intelligent Layouts product is really resonating with operators. Intelligent Layouts is the pinnacle of deep

personalisation, enabling operators to serve a fully-unique website to each user, with the potential for every game, menu and category to be uniquely served based on each user’s profile.

How does the machine learning element of Graphyte work?

We are constantly running a suite of ML models and algorithms to drive a multitude of different outputs, some of which are very specific and focused, like cross sell and journey interventions, and others slightly more generalised for product recommendations and navigation. Something else that makes us stand out from the crowd is our approach to gaming data: we’ve built our own proprietary augmented database for gaming products which allows us to be much more sophisticated and accurate in our modelling approach. This is an important part of our value proposition, since we find in almost every case that the product data gaming operators have available is extremely limited so it’s great to be able to overcome that hurdle for our customers.

Bingo is a strong area of focus for Graphyte. Can you elaborate on this a little more?

Bingo is an amazing product to personalise and we work with some of the biggest bingo operators in the UK. As a result, Graphyte has a uniquely strong proposition for the sector. In short, we make it effortless bring the very best of your bingo offering and tailor it individually to each user. For example, identifying low-ticket bingo players and showing them the most relevant rooms and slots in real time. Or algorithmically identifying players to cross sell to slots with uniquely targeted games, even if they haven’t engaged with a slots product before. Bingo players have proven surprisingly receptive to personalised content, and so long as the content stays relevant it is overwhelmingly beneficial to the customer experience and long-term relationship a player has with the bingo brand, particularly in an age where so many users have multiple accounts. Player engagement and interactivity are often a key determining factor in customer retention so have you any statistics yet on the success of your product? We have seen really exceptional uplifts across every metric, from conversion rates of 40%, deposit uplifts over 20%, doubling player days, bounce rate reduction of 30%, all ultimately leading to significant top-line turnover increases.

With this technology you must gain a lot of player statistics that can be used by the client to further developer their offering to their customers.

Absolutely, all our clients have access to Graphyte’s internal analytics dashboard to delve into product, customer, attribution and conversion performance. We like to go a step further with our customers, so we schedule regular deep-dives where we review what’s working, how customer behaviours are changing and advise on how to improve content and game placement on the site, or in marketing campaigns below the line. In most cases, thanks to the real time nature ofGraphyte, we often have richer data than the operators and can surface insights that they cannot yield themselves.

Investment in research and development, combined with customer service and support, must add up to a busy work schedule?

It is phenomenally busy but at the same time hugely stimulating. We have a genuine passion for personalisation and love the industry, and one of the most gratifying elements of working in a growing technology start up is the ability to respond quickly to our customers needs and see the impact straightaway. Some of the ideas our clients have are extraordinary – and in many cases we’ve been able to build them into Graphyte in a matter of hours, getting the changes in straight in front oft heir players. This is virtually impossible in bigger tech firms, and a real benefit of working with a company like Graphyte.

Graphyte products will also have applications in a number of associated sectors in addition to gaming. Have you plans to extend the application of your technology in to neighbouring sectors?

In many ways, betting and gaming is the hardest industry to solve in personalisation, and a lot of the tech we’ve built would port across to retail or travel for example. In the immediate term we’ll continue to focus on gaming and working on the product roadmap

What are amongst Graphyte’s main goals for the next 18 months?

We’re well on the way to being the complete solution for automated marketing and customer experience optimisation, and thoroughly enjoying the journey to get there. Intelligent Layouts, our full site personalisation product, is capable of quietly revolutionising the way content is presented on betting and gaming websites so we’re making it both more flexible and easier to use via the front end of Graphyte. We’d like to get it on every site globally – a small ambition!